New record, Music for the Insignificant = out!

Get it on Spotify or ITunes.

In November 2018 the record 'Music for the Insignificant' saw the light of day. You can get it on Spotify or ITunes. It is also available at Bandcamp (for mp3 downloads).


Click here for a review of the album (in Dutch).



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Irrelevator is a Dutch band. Once upon a time they had a singer but with mutual consent the singer was replaced with a magical box that produces samples.


The music of Irrelevator is loud, and sometimes fast. No covers, only original work. Some describe it as complicated punk, others say it’s simplified mathcore. However, most people do not have the urge to describe it at all.


Jan-Hein - bass guitar and samples

Paul - drums and coffee with milk & sugar

Ab - guitar and software stuff


About Irrelevator


Worldtour 2019


Febuary 19: Brouwpodium Bossche Brouwers, as opener for Tangled Horns.


Been there, done that:

January 19, 2018 - Poppodium Willem Twee, 's-Hertogenbosch, together with The Devil's Amp and The Cult of Aggemar.


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New record,

Music for the Insignificant = out!

Get it on Spotify or ITunes.